Improve customer relations with a whisky tasting experience

by Paramount Digital
Man interacting with customers via online whisky tasting session
Looking for a new way to socialise with your clients?
Due to the pandemic, the last year has been tough for all businesses, and gaining (and retaining) customers has become more important than ever before. But with the classic ‘business lunch’ out of the question and all social interactions restricted to video calls, many companies – understandably – have found it difficult to develop their client relationships and win new contracts.
Sound familiar?
If so, we have a suggestion – why not organise an online whisky tasting session?
Such tasting sessions have boomed in popularity over the last 12 months, particularly within the corporate world. Here at Whisky Tasting Company, we’ve supplied whisky tasting sets for a diverse range of organisations – including tech companies, accountancy firms, solicitors, energy suppliers, charities and more – all looking for a COVID-safe way to connect with their customers, both old and new.
Of course, whisky isn’t everyone’s cup of tea; and, before you organise anything, it’s worth making sure that your client enjoys a tipple. But it’s certainly a unique idea and could be exactly what you need to build long-term customer relationships. Here we outline some of the benefits.

3 reasons to host a business whisky tasting event

1. They’re easy to organise

It doesn’t matter if you need to impress a single prospective customer or wish to socialise with everyone on your current client list; with our assistance, organising a successful whisky tasting event is easy.
No order is ever too big or small for us. Whether you require just one or two sets, or enough for an event with over 100 attendees, we can help. Just place your order via our website, choose a suitable date and video conferencing platform, and send out the invitations. It’s as simple as that.
Despite the limitations of social distancing, whisky tasting sessions work incredibly well – particularly if you wish to interact with clients informally. And for further advice on how to ensure it runs smoothly, it’s worth checking out our previous blog ‘How to organise an online whisky tasting event’.

2. There’s a whisky tasting set for all budgets

When it comes to socialising with your clients, the key is to spend appropriately.
The amount of business they provide (or will hopefully provide in the future) should determine how much you spend on the whisky tasting event – just as it would determine whether you take them for a fancy three-course meal at a restaurant or a relaxed pub lunch. And of course, it’s important to establish exactly how much your company can afford to spend.
Here at Whisky Tasting Company, we have a broad spectrum of whisky tasting sets for you to choose from and prices range from £29.99 to £84. So, there’s certainly something to suit all budgets. And if you’re organising a session for 5 people or more, we’re also happy to discuss group discounts.

3. They’re guaranteed to make a good impression

Socialising with clients is all about developing strong customer relationships and ensuring customer loyalty. It’s crucial that you make a good impression. And by hosting an online whisky tasting session (with one of our luxurious sets), we guarantee, your customers certainly won’t be disappointed.
Each one contains five 30ml measures of delicious whisky, including some of the finest Scottish brands, along with a series of tasting cards and a whisky tasting mat. These come presented in a beautiful gift box, that can be personalised with a message or branded with your company name or logo. They’re high-quality, professional, and are sure to be well-received by your valued clients.
Branded whisky tasting sets that are perfect for customers

Ready to improve your customer relations?

In these current circumstances – as we adapt to a new kind of normal – online whisky tasting is an ideal way to interact with your customers and potentially drum up new business. 
So, why not give it a go?
Browse our full range of whisky tasting sets today. And if you have any questions about the products available, or would like tailored advice on the best option for your clients, please feel free to get in touch. We’re happy to help at any time. Either give us a call on 01743 247220 or send an enquiry via our online contact form and a member of the team will respond as soon as possible.