Whisky Stones: A Complete Guide

by Daniel Corlett

Whisky is a spirit that can be enjoyed cold or at room temperature, but using ice can alter the taste if you prefer it cold. So, what’s the solution? Whisky stones. 

If you’ve never used whisky stones before we will guide you through everything you need to know, from how they work, what they’re made of, how to clean them and more. 

What are whisky stones? 

Stones for whisky are a simple bar tool that will cool your whisky like an ice cube, however they won’t alter the flavour of the liquid nectar like an ice cube can. 

What are whisky stones made of? 

Whisky stones are typically made from soapstone, this is a non-porous natural stone, which ensures that you won’t get unwanted flavours or smells seeping into your whisky which may alter the taste. 

What’s more, soapstone is a soft stone so they won’t damage or scratch the glass you use them. They’re cut in a rounded edge to also prevent any damage to the glasses you use. 

Whisky stones are also available in stainless steel, marble and granite options too. The stainless steel ones have been found to help keep your whisky colder for longer. 

Advantages of whisky stones 

Whisky stones make a great choice for whisky lovers who prefer to have their drink chilled but don’t want to use ice cubes. 

  • Whisky stones won’t dilute the spirit like an ice cube would 
  • Whisky stones won’t alter the drink’s flavour profile like using an ice cube would 
  • Whisky stones are a more sustainable alternative to using ice cubes 

How to use whisky stones 

Follow our guidelines on how to use whisky stones effectively: 

1. Clean the stones

Before you use them for the first time, you’ll want to ensure that they’re completely clean. Wash them thoroughly and ensure they’re fully rinsed. 

2. Chill the stones 

Once cleaned and air dried, place them in the freezer, ideally overnight but at least for a few hours. 

3. Pour the drink 

Once the stones have been chilled in the freezer, pour your drink as you normally would. 

4. Add the stones 

Take the whisky stones from the freezer, not using your hands. Tongs are a great tool, but any type of clean utensil can be used to avoid handling them directly with your hands. Add the desired number of stones to your glass. Experiment with different numbers of stones in your drink to find the optimum temperature for your perfect glass of whisky. 

5. Enjoy 

Give the whisky stones a few moments to chill your drink before you slowly swirl the glass and then you can sip and enjoy a perfectly chilled glass of whisky that hasn’t been diluted.  

6. Clean and repeat 

Once you’ve used the stones you’ll want to clean them to ensure there isn’t any residue from the drink, dry them completely before you return them to the freezer ready to enjoy again. 

How do whisky stones work? 

Whisky stones are chilled in the freezer, and once they’re placed into your drink, they’ll absorb the heat from the liquid. This ensures that you get to enjoy a cold glass of whisky, without losing any of the taste of the whisky. 

However, whisky stones won’t typically keep your drink as cold for as long as a standard ice cube would. 

How to clean whisky stones 

Use warm water to clean your whisky stones after every use and ensure that there is no transfer of flavour amongst different whiskies.

You can use a tiny amount of dish soap to thoroughly clean the stones too, just ensure that you rinse them well to guarantee that there isn’t any soap residue left behind. 

Allow your whisky stones to thoroughly air dry before you place them back in the freezer to chill.