Whisky lover gift guide

by Paramount Digital
Gift for a whisky lover
Looking for the perfect gift for a whisky lover?
It can feel like a bit of a challenge, especially if you don’t know much about the spirit yourself! Like most whisky aficionados, no doubt they have strong opinions on single malts versus blended grains and own every new release from their favourite  distillery. So, what on earth do you buy?
A bottle from the local supermarket is the easiest option. But let’s face it, it’s not very thoughtful and there are so many other – more imaginative – whisky themed gifts out there for the taking. To give you a little inspiration, here we’ve rounded up just a few of our favourite ideas.

Unique gifts for a whisky lover

1. Whisky gift box

    Why give them one bottle of whisky, when you could treat them to five?
    Our whisky gift sets are a lovely present for a whisky lover. Each set features five specially selected whisky miniatures (measuring 30ml each), a series of tasting cards, and a luxury whisky tasting mat.
    We have various options to choose from, including single malts, premium malts, old and rare whiskies – as well as sets that have been created with a particular occasion in mind (e.g. milestone birthdays, weddings etc.). So whether they’re a whisky beginner or a fully-fledged connoisseur, there’s a gift in our collection that will extend their repertoire and go down a treat.
    And the best bit? The hand-made gift box can be personalised with a message of your choice. 

    2. Whisky subscription

    Whisky lover gift
      Want to give a gift that keeps on giving? Why not hop on the latest craze and treat your loved one to a whisky subscription?
      This is another fantastic whisky gift idea available from our online store, perfect for a whisky drinker who really knows their stuff. We have a subscription to suit all tastes and preferences. But whichever option you choose, a new box of whisky miniatures will arrive at their front door – once every three months – for them to try.
      And there’s no need to worry about the cost. Unlike most other subscription services, you won’t need to sign up for a recurring monthly contract. We have standalone 9 and 12 month packages available for a one-off fee – that are guaranteed to be a hit and will continue to remind the lucky giftee of your generosity.

      3. Whisky tasting experience

      Gift for a whisky lover
      Gift experiences make people happier than things. It’s a fact, proven by researchers.  So rather than reaching for a standard bottle of Scotch, why not splash out and make your friend’s day with a whisky tasting experience?
      Do a quick online search and you’ll find a range of options, including everything from a casual tasting session at your local pub to vouchers for a whisky masterclass in the city. Alternatively, you could arrange your own whisky tasting experience.
      Simply treat the recipient (and a group of their friends) to one of our whisky tasting sets. Then pick a date and spend some quality time, sampling the delicious spirits together. The set itself contains everything you need, including tasting cards with facts and information about the featured whiskies. So there’s no need to be a whisky buff yourself. Yet this is an incredibly thoughtful gift idea for a whisky lover, that is sure to make a lasting impression.

      4. Whisky greetings card

      Whisky drinker gift
      Just need something small? How about this quirky whisky greetings card, created by our sister company – Message and a Bottle?
      Tucked away inside is a 30ml miniature, as well as a tasting card with interesting details about the liquor. If it’s not their birthday, there are plenty of other designs to choose from, and you can select from a diverse range of Scottish and Swedish whiskies.
      It may only be a small gesture, but you can personalise the design by adding the recipient’s name to the front and writing a heartfelt message on the inside cover. And it’s a truly unique present for a whisky lover, bound to bring a smile to their face.

      5. Whisky accessories

      Present idea for a whisky lover
      Think your whisky-enthusiast would prefer a practical whisky themed gift? If so, a Glencairn glass and set of whisky stones are sure to be appreciated.
      This is exactly what they need to enjoy their favourite tipple in style. A tulip-shaped glass, which accentuates the unique flavours and aromas of the spirit. And a set of cube stones, that will keep the whisky refreshingly cold, without diluting (and ruining!) it in the process!
      Such whisky accessories can be bought from multiple retailers online, with options to suit all budgets. And they’re fantastic whisky drinker gifts for someone who takes their drinking sessions seriously.

      6. Whisky distillery tour

      Gift idea for whisky lover
      This is another brilliant whisky lover gift, that focuses on giving the recipient a memorable experience – which they will treasure for many years to come.
      Lots of brands, including many of those which feature in our whisky tasting sets, now offer fans a chance to tour their distillery. For example, Penderyn – the award-winning Welsh distillery – offers gift vouchers for an hour-long tour, in which visitors can learn about how their whisky is made and why it is so unique. They also offer a fully interactive masterclass, as well as the occasional ‘Whisky and Chocolate Tours’.
      To mark a special occasion – or just show someone how much you care – why not pair one of these vouchers, with our carefully curated Penderyn Whisky Gift Set? Featuring five of the distilleries most popular single malts, it is a great introduction and is sure to be well-received.

      Got a question about our whisky lover gift guide?

      For more information on any of the gift ideas listed above – or the whisky lover gifts available in our store – please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to assist and will do everything we can to create the perfect gift for the whisky lover in your life. Just give us a call on 01743 247220. Or alternatively, fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.