Whisky gifts for the last-minute shopper

by Paramount Digital

Last-minute gift for a whisky lover

Life been a bit hectic lately? Not sure what to buy for that person who has everything? Or maybe you’re just a procrastinator?

Whatever your excuse reasons, you haven’t got round to buying a gift yet – but that’s fine.

No need to panic-buy a generic gift card on your weekly food shop. Thanks to us, there’s still plenty of time to treat them to a personalised whisky gift. A present so unique and thoughtful, the lucky recipient will think you had it purchased and wrapped weeks ago.


Last-minute gifts for a whisky lover

Efficiency is our middle name, here at Whisky Tasting Company.

All of our whisky gifts are in stock and ready to be personalised.

We have our very own professional bottling facility in Scotland. Which means, the moment your order is placed, we get to work immediately – adding the recipient’s name and your chosen message to the gift box, parcelling it up and ensuring it’s dispatched as soon as possible.

Our sets typically take just 2-3 working days to arrive, and 99.9% turn up within the timeframe promised at checkout. But if you’re in a particular rush, they can also be sent directly to the recipient, cutting you out as the middle man and speeding up the process even further.

So, no more dilly-dallying. Browse our range of last-minute gifts (without having to hightail it to the high street), add a whisky tasting set to your basket and prepare to impress with your thoughtfulness and generosity. They’ll never know you left it so late!


Whisky drinks cards


Last-minute whisky gifts

A super-convenient last-minute gift idea that works twice as hard, doubling up as both a lovely personalised present and a fab greetings card.

You’ll find designs for all occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day. Cards that say congrats, thank you, love you, you’re the best etc. Something to suit all sentiments.

Simply find the perfect one for your recipient, personalise it by adding their name and a short message. Then choose a little boozy bonus – in the form of a 30ml miniature – to hide away inside.

It’s a speedy yet special present that’s sure to make them smile.


Whisky Gift Sets

Starting from £18.95

Whisky tasting set available for fast delivery

Shopping online at the eleventh hour doesn’t mean you’ll be limited in choice. Far from it!

We offer an impressively wide range of whisky tasting sets, with something to suit all celebrations and recipients – whether they’re a whisky beginner or a fully-fledged whisky connoisseur.

Each gift contains 3-5 miniatures, a series of educational tasting cards and a beautiful tasting mat. All of which are presented in a stunning handcrafted gift box, which can be personalised with their name and a small heartfelt message.

Last-minute yet luxurious. These are bespoke boxes of happiness that will show how much you care.


Whisky Gift Subscriptions

Starting from £89

Whisky gift subscription

Bought without a minute to spare, yet designed to last a long time. Our whisky subscriptions are a last-minute gift idea that will (literally) keep on giving.

Both 9 and 12 month packages are available, in which a new whisky tasting gift set will be delivered (every three months) to the recipient’s address. And to give it that extra special ‘I spent ages choosing this’ touch, the first box can be customised with their name and a few words of your choice.

Previously voted as the ‘Best Whisky Gift Subscription’ by The Independent, this is a premium present that will wow your whisky lover – and remind them of your kindness for many months to come.


Last-minute gift ideas for a whisky lover


Order your last-minute whisky gift, pronto

When you shop with us, last-minute doesn’t have to mean lacklustre.

All of our whisky gifts are thoughtful, impressive and (crucially!) available for super-fast delivery. So just stop with the dawdling. Place your order today and, we guarantee, it’ll be in your hands and ready to wrap before you can say ‘Oh no, their birthday party is this weekend!

Really in a hurry?

Standard delivery takes just 2-3 working days. But if you’re concerned you’ve left things a little too late and don’t think your personalised whisky gift will arrive in time, give us a call on 01743 247220. We’ve been in your shoes (and understand the panic!) and will try our best to arrange a speedy overnight delivery.

Similarly, if you have any questions about our whisky tasting sets or would like to request a specific last-minute customisation, please don’t hesitate to send a message via our online contact form. We’ll do everything we can to create the perfect gift for your whisky lover and deliver in the nick of time.