‘Old and Rare’ Father’s Day whisky for a discerning dad

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Dad drinking Father's Day whisky


Looking for a whisky gift that will impress your whisky connoisseur of a dad? How about a rare bottle that costs the same price as a Lamborghini?

Hard as it is to believe – in 2019, the Macallan Fine & Rare 1926 became the most expensive bottle of Scotch to ever be sold at auction, going under the hammer for a whopping £1.5 million.

It’s enough to make your eyes water – and not because of its 42.6% volume!

The fact is, impressive and desirable spirits often come with an impressively large (and undesirable) price tag. Dram lovers are particularly attracted to old and rare whiskies. And in recent years, there’s been an increased demand for those from so-called ‘ghost distilleries’ that have long since closed their doors – driving their value up even further.


Old and rare whisky tasting gift set for Father's Day

Yes, a Lamborghini-level Scotch would certainly put you in pole position for the best Father’s Day whisky gift of all time. But let’s face it, it’s not very… budget friendly. So for anyone who doesn’t have a spare £1.5 million to splurge on Pops this year, here’s our suggestion.

Treat him to our Father’s Day Old and Rare Whisky Gift Set instead.

As a premium yet affordable alternative, this is (by far!) the easiest way to impress a discerning dad and put a huge smile on his face, without having to win the lottery – or potentially rob a bank.


A low-cost ‘old and rare’ whisky gift set

Perfect for a dad that knows his drams.


Available year-round, our Old and Rare Scotch Whisky Set is regularly updated with some of Scotland’s finest drams, including aged, hard-to-find and long-lost treasures from legendary distilleries. And we’ve created a special new line-up just in time for Father’s Day 2023.


Old and rare whiskies in whisky gift


Available for only £73.25, this features five limited edition varieties, including:


1. Invergordon Aged 34 Years (51.9%)

Full bottle price – £170

A one of a kind dram. Or at least, one of 266 bottles.

This superb single grain whisky was distilled in 1988, in the highlands of Scotland, and matured for 34 years in a single ex-bourbon hogshead. In February 2022, the hogshead was finally cracked open by independent bottler, House of MacDuff, as part of ‘The Golden Cask’ series.  

It’s creamy and sweet and destined to be a real crowd dad-pleaser.


2. Dumbarton Aged 32 Years (47.1%)

Full bottle price – £265

Dumbarton isn’t a name you see often these days.

A much-loved yet long-lost distillery, it sadly closed its doors in 2002.

This delicious single grain whisky was distilled way back in 1989 in one ex-bourbon barrel, and was only recently bottled in early 2022 – again, as part of ‘The Golden Cask’ line-up. Just 127 bottles were produced in total. So the chances are, it’s one that Pops is yet to sample – no matter how much of a connoisseur he claims to be!


3. Tormore Aged 26 Years (53.3%)

Full bottle price - £110

Another vintage masterpiece by the House of MacDuff, guaranteed to give Dad a warm fuzzy feeling inside – and not just because of the alcohol content!

This is another spirit released in ‘The Golden Cask’ series. But this time, a Speyside single malt – bourbon matured in a single cask and bottled in November 2015. Having rested for 26 years, the taste is fruity and spicy – reminiscent of milk chocolate orange and apple. And at 53.3%, it’s sure to knock his socks off.


4. Tomintoul Aged 21 Years (40%)

Full bottle price - £145

Any self-respecting whisky fan will be familiar with Tomintoul – but this particular single malt is a little bit special. Released in 2017, it was matured exclusively in bourbon casks for 21 years, in the Speyside region of Scotland.

Sticking to the distilleries ‘gentle dram’ philosophy, it boasts a floral and fruity character, with subtle notes of caramel, vanilla and butterscotch.

An easy-drinking dram that will gladden the heart of your whisky-loving da.


5. Glen Scotia Victoriana Cask Strength (54.2%)

Full bottle price - £72

This is a modern interpretation of a classic malt whisky.

Drawn from casks with a particularly heavy char profile, Glen Scotia Victoriana imparts notes of richly spiced fruit and oak – with a gentle smoky finish. And bottled cask strength (at a robust 54.2%), these unique flavours are bolstered even further. 

It offers a unique insight into the character of early Campbeltown whiskies, and is guaranteed to surprise and delight whisky explorers and connoisseurs alike.


Each set features a 30ml measure of each – just enough to sample and savour the delectable tastes – as well as matching tasting cards, with educational facts about each whisky and its distillery, and a luxury whisky tasting mat.

Essentially, everything a dram-obsessed dad needs to host a very special whisky tasting at home.

And for that perfect final touch? This exclusive set comes presented in a stunning hand-made gift box, which can be personalised with a message of your choice. Say thank you for all he does. Tell him how much you care. Or simply say ‘Happy Father’s Day’. It’s entirely up to you. Just add a few heartfelt words and create the best whisky gift he’ll ever receive.


Old and Rare Father's Day whisky available at Whisky Tasting Company


Forget the auction, place your order today

Our Father’s Day Old and Rare Whisky Gift may not match the Macallan Fine & Rare 1926 in terms of its monetary value. But take it from us – as fellow whisky worshippers – it’s sure to go down a treat with an old man who knows his single casks from his single malts.

So do yourself a favour. Save that £1.5 million you have lying in your bank account for another rainy day... 👀 Pop our affordable set in your basket and treat Pops to a thoughtful and impressive gift that will show him just how much he’s loved. No eye-watering price tag required.

If you have any questions about the old and rare whiskies featured in this gift set, or would like to request a specific personalisation, you’re more than welcome to get in touch. Simply fill out our online contact form and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

We’re always happy to help and will do everything we can to create the perfect Father’s Day whisky set for your old man – no matter how discerning or passionate he is about his drams!