What’s the most popular drink at Christmas?

by Paramount Digital

When it comes to Christmas, it’s all about indulgence, and there’s nothing better than stocking up on festive favourites.

Turkey, chocolate, chestnuts, and mince pies are a given – but what about the drinks cabinet?

Wondering what the go-to drinks for Christmas 2024 are?

Here we take a look at some of the best and most loved drinks to enjoy this December.

Top ten Christmas drinks

1.      Buck’s fizz

Likely to be up at 5am with the kids to check if ‘he’s been’? The best way to ease the pain of an early morning and kickstart Christmas is with a refreshing Buck’s fizz.

Made with two parts champagne to one part fresh orange juice, it’s the perfect accompaniment to early present opening.  

2.      Champagne

Christmas is a special time of the year – and what’s more special than a glass of champagne? The perfect ‘occasion’ drink and a decadent way to celebrate being with family and friends.

3.      Beer

Okay, so beer may be a pretty standard year-round drink and well enjoyed on its own, but for avid lovers, the good news is that many beers actually pair well with turkey and sprouts – making beer a welcome addition to the Christmas dinner table!

At this time of the year, keep a look out for themed brews – Merry Moose, Rocking Rudolph, Frosted Hop, and Santa’s Little Helper are just some of the hundreds of aptly named beers you’ll find on supermarket shelves in December. Great for gifting and sparking a fun talking point at social gatherings.

4.      Cocktails

Everyone loves a Christmas cocktail. Classics such as a snowball (advocaat, lemonade, and ice) are hugely popular, as is anything with a seasonal twist – think clementine margaritas, gingerbread martinis, and peppermint mojitos.

Dress your drinks up with candy canes, slices of fruit, and festive foliage to take things to the next level. 

5.      Eggnog

Can you really call it Christmas until you’ve had an eggnog?

This traditional festive drink is made with eggs, milk, cream, and sugar, and lightly spiced with nutmeg. Go for the angelic version and keep it alcohol-free, or add rum or a rich bourbon for a little taste of Christmas in a glass. 

Gin Vs Whisky

6.      Gin

A key contender in the popularity stakes at Christmas is gin. With festive flavours galore, it’s a spirit that lends itself well to this time of year.

If you fancy something a little different, sloe gin is a great alternative. Sweet and fruity, serve this indulgent red drink warm and garnish with cinnamon sticks, slices of orange, and star anise to really boost the festive feels.   

7.      Mulled wine

A staple at Christmas markets and perfect for sipping outside in the frosty air, the richly spiced scent and flavour of mulled wine is a must at this time of year.

8.      Rum

Another warming spirit, whilst people can often take or leave white rum in the cooler seasons, dark and spiced rums nudge higher in the popularity stakes, offering more cosy vibes and complex flavours.

9.      Hot chocolate

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a little too much chocolate, which is why so many of us treat ourselves to hot chocolates at this time of the year.

Comforting, yummy, and best enjoyed curled up in Christmas PJs with a movie – add cream and marshmallows for extra indulgence or a drop of your favourite rum or whisky. 

10.  Whisky

Rich, warming, and high on the list of festive favourites, whisky is enjoyed all year round, but it really comes into its own at Christmas.

Yes, it can add depth and flavour to festive cocktails, but it’s best savoured on its own.

What’s even better is that whisky can actually be used as a digestif, activating stomach enzymes that can help to break down the mountains of Christmas food… and make room for leftovers!

Whisky is Favourite Drink at Christmas

The overall winner?

Whilst it’s true we may be a tad biased – we are the Whisky Tasting Company, after all – we’d argue that the true star of the drinks cabinet at Christmas is whisky.

Yes, there are plenty of other tipples to enjoy – and variety is the spice of life – but many of the drinks making the top 10 are best enjoyed at specific times. Buck’s fizz for a gentle start to Christmas morning, champagne for a special toast, mulled wine to keep you warm and toasty outside.

Christmas whisky drinks, on the other hand, fit all occasions. Drinks and nibbles, the office party, a cosy night in, a post-turkey nightcap. And as one of the top choices to be left out for the big man himself, if it’s good enough for Father Christmas, then it’s certainly good enough for us!

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