How many whisky distilleries are in Scotland?

by Sam Rourke
Scottish distillery
Scotland is the home of whisky. A country that produces more whisky than anywhere else in the world.
But exactly how many Scottish distilleries can be found nestled amongst the glens, moorlands and mountains? As proud experts in this area, we thought we’d share a little insight into the number of distilleries currently operating in Scotland and some of the best that feature in our whisky sets.

Scotland distilleries – too many to count?

At present, Scotland is home to over 130 malt and grain active distilleries. But this number is continuously changing, with new and exciting companies added to the list every single year.
These distilleries are split into five main regions – including Speyside, Lowlands, Highlands, Campbeltown, and Islay – and the region in which the liquor is made has a huge bearing on its final taste. More information on the differences between each can be found in our recent blog.
Scotch distilleries have used the same pure spring water for centuries. But no two distilleries are the same. From the source of that water to the nature of the wood cask, there are so many ways in which they differ. Each one has its own unique heritage and way of doing things. And the only way to discover your favourite, is to sample as many as possible and explore the wide range of tastes.

Two Scottish distilleries that feature in our whisky tasting sets

5 Scottish distilleries that make the grade

Here at Whisky Tasting Company, our whisky tasting sets contain a selection of single malts and grains – from some of the very finest Scottish distilleries. A few of the most popular include:

1. Tomintoul – Speyside

This Scotch distillery lies within the Glenvilet Estate and draws water from the Balluntruan spring. It’s led by Robert Fleming, who was born-and-bred in the area and hails from a family who have been making whisky for four generations. And his experience certainly shows. Tomintoul uses classic techniques to produce a single malt whisky that is smooth, mellow and utterly delicious.

2. Auchentoshan – LowlandsLogo of Scotch distillery

Auchentoshan is the only distillery in Scotland to practice ‘triple distillation’. The spirit is passed through the stills three times before being transferred into the cask. As such, it’s incredibly light and delicate and is known for its fresh, fruity and citrus flavours – such as pineapple and candied orange.


3. Glencadam – HighlandsLogo of Scotch distillery

Located in the ancient city and royal burgh of Brechin, Glencadam was one of the earliest distilleries to be granted a license in 1825. It uses an unusual lyne pipe – which angles upwards rather than down – and is renowned for delicate and mellow spirits, with a creamy texture and pure character.


4. Isle of Arran – IslayLogo of Scotch distillery

As one of the few remaining independent Scottish distilleries, Isle of Arran prides itself on its traditional methods – and continues to use wooden washbacks and copper stills to craft its single malts. The liquors made here are heavily-peated, super strong and intensely flavoured.


5. Glen Scotia – CampbeltownLogo of Scotch distillery

Founded in 1832, Glen Scotia is located in Campbeltown. It’s one of just three surviving distilleries in the region and one of the smallest in the country. But despite this, its single malts certainly pack a big punch. Expect medium-bodied whisky, with a distinctive smoky flavour and salty tang.


Sample the delights of the finest Scottish distilleries

Lots of factors affect the taste of whisky. Which is why, single malts and grains are all so wonderfully different and vary greatly depending on the distillery in which they were made. To determine your favourite, you need to try a few. And what better way than with our whisky tasting sets!
Each set contains a selection of whiskies from the five Scottish distilleries outlined above and many more. These whiskies are supplied in 30ml measures, just enough to appreciate the unique flavour of each. And they come with tasting cards features interesting information about the distilleries.
So, what are you waiting for?
Browse our full online collection today, place your order, and taste the delights of some of the best distilleries in Scotland. And remember, if you have any questions – either about our products or the distilleries we partner with – you’re always welcome to get in touch. Either give us a call on 01743 247220 or send us an online message and we’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.