Do old whiskies taste better?

by Paramount Digital
Barrels of old whisky
Take a look at any whisky list and you’ll see that older bottles tend to be more expensive. But why? Does whisky really get better with age? Are they worth the extra money?
Of course, taste is subjective. A tipple that tastes exquisite to one whisky lover, may taste underwhelming (or even unpleasant!) to someone else – and it often comes down to personal preference. But there’s no denying that old whiskies are softer, smoother, and more complex. And a well-aged dram will yield flavours that a young whisky simply cannot. Here we explore some of the reasons why.

Changes in the production method

Over the last 50 years, whisky production methods have changed in three key ways:
1. Maltings
Many distilleries used to have their own maltings, which gave them full control over the whisky-making process – allowing them to determine the germination period, peating level, and yield, and develop their own character. But this was incredibly labour-intensive and inefficient, so most distilleries now use commercial maltings instead.
2. Heat source
Rather than using directly-fired stills – whereby the heat source is placed underneath the still and lit – most distilleries have now moved to internal heating. This helps to save both energy and money.
3. Cask
Understanding of the whisky ageing process has improved significantly in the last 50 years. Distilleries now realise just how much the size, age, quality, and fill of a cask can impact the final taste. Armed with this knowledge, they’re able to make an informed choice about the type of cask they use for a particular recipe.
Collectively, these changes to the production method have led to changes in the flavour of the whisky. They may be more efficient and cost-effective, but they also alter the character of the final spirit. And this is one of the main reasons why an aged whisky, distilled in the 1970s, will differ from the same expression made three years ago.

The importance of the whisky barrel

Older whiskies also taste different due to the length of time spent in the barrel.
As soon as the whisky enters the barrel, changes begin to occur. The toasted or charred oak acts like a sieve, trapping and removing large molecules of alcohol. But for the whisky to actually absorb any flavour, it must be in contact with the wood for at least three years. The longer it stays there after that period, the stronger and more complex the flavour becomes.
Over time, the whisky will also mellow out and grow much smoother, as more of the alcohol molecules are removed. As long as the barrel is stored in the right conditions, an old whisky will almost certainly deliver complex yet subtle flavours – offering a longer aftertaste that has built up over the many years of maturation. Whether you prefer this to the sharpness of a younger whisky is completely up to you.

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