A new wave of world whiskies

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World whisky

Single malt whisky.

It may seem as Scottish as neeps and tatties, tartan and the wail of the bagpipes. But the reality is, it’s no longer restricted to the foggy glens of Bonnie Scotland

The formula for single malt can be transported anywhere that has access to a distillery, barley and water. And encouraged by the success of Japan, the last few years have seen a new wave of global producers – with ‘world whiskies’ popping up in pretty much every corner of the globe.

In fact, single malt is now made on every continent except for Antarctica.

Crafted using local produce and distilled in a variety of climate conditions (which are often very different to those in Scotland!), these global drams can make for a fascinating tasting experience – boasting a breadth of unique flavours and distinctive tastes.

So, why not grab your passport Glencairn and start exploring?


5 of our favourite world whiskies

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Begin your journey to far-flung whisky-making counties, with us as your tour guide.

Available for only £32.95, one of the latest additions to our product range is the World Whisky Tasting Set. This features five superb international whiskies, selected from award-winning distilleries across the globe, and is a fantastic introduction to this diverse earth-wide category.


Sweden – Mackmyra Brukswhisky  (41.4% ABV) 

World whisky in our whisky tasting set

A world whisky ‘created for every occasion’.

Brukswhisky is one of Mackmyra’s earliest releases, and perhaps the most well-known core expression from this Valbo-based modern distillery.

Predominantly aged in ex-bourbon barrels, as well as oak and ex-sherry casks, it’s a well-balanced and smooth dram with a light and fruity character. Think tropical fruits, pear caramel and butterscotch, blended with spicy herbs and hints of smoke.

Sip neat and say ‘Skål’ to this Swedish masterpiece!


France – Warengham Single Malt (46% ABV)

One of the best world whiskies currently available

Pioneers of French whisky, Warengham Distillery released its first single malt in 1988 – which has since become internationally known as ‘Armorik’ and is a leading light of the ‘world whisky’ categorisation.

Every drop is mashed, fermented, distilled and bottled in the north of Brittany – where environmental conditions are very similar to those in Scotland. And as such, its aromas and flavours are highly reminiscent of traditional scotch.

Smooth, unctuous and rich, it’s an exceptional tipple that’s well-suited to being an aperitif.


Israel – M&H Distillery ‘Dead Sea’ Single Malt (56.2%)

International whisky that features in our set

This is an intriguing international whisky, bottled at a high ABV befitting of its powerful flavours.

Produced in Tel Aviv, this small batch is the first and only whisky to be aged in the lowest place on earth – the Dead Sea (approximately 423 metres below sea level).

Here, temperatures can reach as high as 50˚ C, which accelerates the maturation rate and gives the dram strong, intense notes of vanilla, warm spices, fragrant black tea, dark cocoa powder and crushed pepper.

Not a drink you’re likely to forget in a hurry!  


India – Rampur Indian Single Malt (43%)

Top-rated world whisky

Radico Khaitan Distillery (previously known as Rampur Distillery) dates back to the 1940s, yet this is their first ever single malt to make a name for itself on the world whisky scene.

Known as ‘The Kohinoor of Single Malts’ (i.e. the diamond), Rampur is a super-premium whisky that’s steeped in the traditions of Maharajas.

Distilled in traditional copper pot stills and matured in the foothills of the Himalayas, it’s a rich and complex dram – with aromas and flavours that reflect the essence of a long Indian summer.

If it’s fit for a prince, it’s fit for us!


England – Henstone Single Malt (43.8%) 

Top-rated international whisky

An international whisky that hails from a little closer to home.

Henstone is an independent distillery based in Oswestry, Shropshire, which produces gin, vodka, rum, bourbon, calvados and now… whisky.

Over the last few years, they’ve released a number of batches of limited edition single malt, all made using the finest malted barley and matured for 3 years in ex-bourbon casks.

It may be one of only a handful of single malts to be made south of the border, but it certainly gives scotch varieties a run for their money. In fact, it’s already won two global world whisky awards.

An exciting tipple, full of lively fruit and nutty notes.


World whisky tasting set


Start your world whisky journey today

No longer reserved for the whisky-making motherland of Scotland, single malt production is now in full swing across the globe. And if you’re eager to add a few well-travelled bottles to your repertoire, we reckon these are the perfect five drams to get you started.

Our World Whisky Tasting Set includes a 30ml measure of each – the ideal amount to experience their unique aromas and flavours. Plus a series of informative tasting cards (with further facts and information about the whisky and its distillery) and a luxury whisky tasting mat.

Why not treat yourself and see what you think?

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