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A collection of rare and old whisky from Scotland's long-lost distilleries, this very limited edition includes some highly sought-after single malt & grain whiskies up to 44 years old, each drawn from just a single oak cask - the purest form of Scotch whisky.  Each distillery has it's unique history, a story told in the individual tasting cards which provide a keepsake for each whisky in the set.



Scotland's Closed Distilleries whisky gift set contains:



Garnheath 1974 aged 44 years 47.8%abv - Garnheath whisky is incredibly rare; the distillery existed for just 21 years, during which time Garnheath whisky was never officially released.  The distillery closed in 1986.


Littlemill 1988 aged 30 years 55.3%abv - considered Scotland's oldest distillery, dating from 1772, Littlemill distillery sadly fell forever silent in 1994.


Imperial 1989 aged 30 years 50.1%abv - not to be confused with an American bourbon by the same name, Scotland's Imperial distillery operated for over 100 years until finally ending production in 1998. 


Cambus 1993 aged 25 years 51.5%abv - distilled in the final year of operation (1993) after 157 years of whisky production.  A nearby cooperage which had made Hogshead casks since 1770 was closed at the same time.

Port Dundas 2004 aged 13 years 48.4%abv -Port Dundas distillery fell silent in 2010 after 200 years of Scotch whisky production.



Tasting cards provide detailed information on each whisky and are presented in a small envelope within the set which may be kept as a keepsake.  The set also includes a whisky tasting mat, themed with a beautiful landscape or distillery scene, providing the perfect place to place the whiskies for tasting and to record your own personal tasting notes.


Each whisky is 30ml, 150ml per set.

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From one of Scotland's first grain whisky distilleries, which operated for 157 years before falling silent in 1993, Cambus is very hard to find as a single grain whisky since most of the production was...

A rare Imperial single malt, drawn from just a single oak cask - the purest form of single malt - at the full cask strength of 58.4%. Distilled from 1990 to 2014 (23 years) and...

Port Dundas was closed in 2010 after 200 years of whisky production in Glasgow. At the same time as the closure, a nearby cooperage which made Hogshead oak casks since 1770 was also closed.




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